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How Are You Going to Turn Your Life Around?

How Are You Going to Turn Your Life Around?

From The Desk Of: Larry Loik


Subject: Help for You – Your Own “Home-Based Business” 

Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought:  

This whole "online home-based business thing" has got to be BS!

I see people online talking about Different Online Businesses...
Having a Business from their Laptop… making sales.

And it seems like is it REALLY True... and...if it is

How am I, a complete Beginner, with no Experience, No product, No Techie Skills ... ever going to make it Online?

My name is Lawrence Loik, and I'm the CEO of a company called Complete Marketing Systems.

I was business partners with Tony Robbins and have spoken in front of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in many countries with many different languages and cultures. 

I’ve been helping people since 1999 build their very own home-based businesses online with No Experience using only a laptop & an Internet Connection.

Me & Tony Robbins a “Few” Years Ago

It’s awesome to see every day people - young and old - turn their dreams into a reality.

Many of our clients make it....

But The problem is some don't. 

And that fact Hurts Me... 


I read a Book Years ago Recommended by my friend Tony Robbins…
Think & Grow R!ch”…Ever heard of it?

It is the basis of which all other Success Courses & Books were founded upon.

In this Mysterious “Secret” Book Were the Ideas from interviews from hundreds of Millionaires & One Billionaire Named “Andrew Carnegie” over many Years.

The Author Took all these Interviews & boiled their stories into 13 Principles of Success. 

The Entrepreneurs that were interviewed were all MASTERS in their Businesses!

And I Thought…..

What If?.........

I Created a Modern-Day version of “Think & Grow R!ch”…
Interviewing Current World Experts?

World Renowned

I sat for nights complying a list in My Journal of all the best of the best Experts that I knew or wanted to Know who were the MASTERS in their Field. 

I started to realize many were my friends & some were acquaintances…
but I know I could reach them.

My Hands started to shake as I Started creating an Email to send them with my Crazy idea…. 

Here’s What I wrote to them…


Hey <Insert Master Friend’s Name Here>,

Can I ask you Help me?...

I need to ask you a BIG favor.

Can You share your Secrets in a Huge “MASTERCLASS”
On how you turned your life around when you began Your Journey?

Remember when You Started, No Experience, No Techie Skills,
and Limited Funds?

And at that time… all you had was a Cell phone, an internet connection, and a Desire to Turn It Around?

Remember that Time?...

Tell Me… What did you do THEN to turn Your Life Around to Where your are today…that they call you THE MASTER in Your Area of Expertise NOW?

I look forward to hearing back from You my Friend,

You have my number,


I Wanted to Know EXACTLY What They Did to Turn Their Life Around...

At first I was nervous to push send on that email…

Later that day, NO replies! 

My nerves got worse as I worried & waited to hear back from them.

Then, Over the next few days, they started "Blowing up my Phone!"

My phone started to light up! 

These “MASTERS” started sharing with me their stories of What they did..
right on the Phone with me

When They Were Beginners, Each of them had Different Steps But all had a Few Common Secrets that they shared with me.

 They Shared EXACTLY
what they did with Small simple steps Each Day!

They Spent So Much Time Explaining their Actions Plans that it was like they gave me a Mini “MASTERCLASS” of How They Turned Their Lives Around!

 Some Made Me Cry...

...And Others Made Me Laugh As I Listened in Awe in What It Was Like When They Went from a Novice to Where they Are Today....

And then Came the Truth…
I asked them…

What Would You Do NOW If You Needed To Start Over TODAY?

They told me about their Pasts:

  • Some started from Drug & Alcohol Addictions…
  • Some Had a Broken Family
  • Some Were in a Bad Relationship
  • ​Others in Dead-End Jobs…
  • ​Some were Even homeless...

But ALL KNEW They could Have a Better Life!

Interestingly… ALL of them are a MASTERS NOW... 

They Were from Different countries, different Ages, Some Men, some Women.

….Over the Last couple of decades, I’ve Studied MANY courses & read Hundreds of books from Successful Entrepreneurs…& I’ve even Read a few bad ones too… 

but I Have NEVER EVER Heard These “Secrets” that each of them Outlined which Turned them from a Newbie to a Master…Quickly!

I Checked their “systems”, looking for “”BS” like them having to spend tons of time, using business connections, favors from Past friends or KingPin family to help them get back up.

I couldn’t find one single thing that was the Kryptonite that helped them cheat.

This might sound crazy but… their Systems were like almost … “Perfect”.
At that Moment, I KNEW, that if some Beginners followed their Systems,

They too could be successful! 

 I Was Stunned!
 What was Sitting on My Desk was The Systems 
(The Masterclasses)
 I was Searching for, for many years!

 The Modern Day
“Think & Grow R1ch”

And then it “blew up”…

Even MORE friends’ systems started pouring in. I couldn’t keep up!

I read & skimmed over & checked out many of these Mini Masterclasses,
I was Like a Kid on Christmas Morning! I couldn’t Stop Consuming their stuff…

I was TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, in any Country, at any age, in Any Language or Culture, as long as they TAKE ACTION & Followed these Step-By-Step MasterClasses could turn their Life Around be successful. 

And that's when I stayed up all night. I couldn’t sleep.

I KNEW I HAD to share these with everyone.  

Everyone Who I could Reach...

Needs These Masterclasses. 

That’s When We decided to call it…

 The Home-Based
Business Summit

“How to Start or Grow Your Own Online 
Business from Home on Your Laptop”

I wondered how much people would be willing to PAY for these?

I knew how much these were worth and how they could change peoples’ lives.

The it hit Me…., If WE charged Thousands of Dollars Like these Masters Normally Charge, the people who needs help the MOST, wouldn’t be able to afford them. 

Minutes Later, I emailed back each of them…

And I Asked Them THIS ...

Would You Be Willing to Share Your Systems as a MASTERCLASS?  
at our
Home-Based Business Summit
With Everyone…


A few of them were Dead Silent, (I thought we got disconnected)
 a few of them asked If I was Serious…

They ALL Paused & said they would get Back to me
(again…stress…while I waited)

The Next Day…one guy said Yes

Then another, then another, then more! 

What Happened Next Stunned Me!

The Home-Based Business Summit
& Show YOU Over-Their-Shoulder
in their Online

They agreed to Share their Systems That They Personally Used to go from Beginner to a Master!!!

You Now May be Wondering WHO Exactly are these Misfits that are crazy Enough to Spend Their Time with total Strangers (You) to Learn their “Secret” steps

They all Said they wanted to give back & help serve you at their HIGHEST level… 


So, to make Sure You’ll Value their time & gift of Knowlegle,
I want you to take this seriously!

So Here’s what I’m Doing…

FREE Access to This Summit…As Long as You SHOW UP (online)!!


The Masters!

(The Best of The Best in The World)

Let Me Introduce You to "The Masters"!

Kevin Harrington

How to Become a Key Person of Influence

Original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand.

Larry Loik

The Complete Ecommerce Selling System

Larry Loik is one of USA's Top Authorities on Ecommerce.  Larry is an International Speaker & Best Selling Author & been doing eCommerce since 1999. 

Anik Singal

Keynote Speaker

Anik Singal is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and CEO of a e-learning company with a mission to create digital publishing entrepreneurs worldwide

Roland Frasier

How to Buy a Business Ethically with No Experience

Roland is co-founder and/or principal of three current Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies, and he has founded, scaled or sold 24 businesses with adjusted sales ranging from $3 million to $337 million

Mike Dillard

How to Be Part of the World's Most Powerful Mastermind 

Founder of Self Made Man.His companies include Mike Dillard Media ($10MM+), His Podcast 5MM Downloads, Elevation Group ($25MM+) One of THE Most Successful Entrepreneurs on the Planet.

Mike Koenigs

Reinvent Yourself and Accelerate Your Business

Mike is a 13-time #1 Bestselling Author, “Marketer of the Year” winner, serial entrepreneur, & filmmaker.  His mission is to create 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in his lifetime. 

Les Brown

World's No.1 Motivational Speaker

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles .

Marshall Sylver

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success in Uncertain Times

Marshall Sylver is the #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. For over twenty years, Sylver has entertained, educated, and transformed the lives of thousands of people.

Jon Benson

3-6-90 System
3 Steps to 6 Figure Copywriter in 90 Days

Jon is well-recognized as one of the top copywriters in the world. He is also the creator of the video sales letter, and the best copywriting AI software in the marketplace

Nick Unsworth

How to turn your Passion into an Online Business

Founder of Life on Fire is an internationally known seasoned speaker & author.
He has spoken to audiences from 30 to 1,500 around the world.

Cheri Tree

How to Sell without Selling & Close More Sales

Cheri is a best-selling author & professional keynote speaker & is the creator of the B.A.N.K. methodology designed to help business owners close more sales in less time

Mike Filsame

The Hottest Marketing Software in the World

He’s done more $1 MM Dollar launches than anyone
His Software companies  Include WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra,  Groove Digital  Marketing software

Bridger Pennington

How to Create Your Own Fund With No Wall Street Experience

Bridger is the Managing Founder of Black Bridge Capital.
His Funds have Privately run debt fund that has done over 142 deals
in 38 states over the last 18 months.

Raymond Aaron

Creating Authorities One Book at a Time

Raymond is the author of 140 books, including the New York Times best-seller Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul and the Canadian best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. 

Ty Cohen

How to Publish Your Own Book on Amazon Kindle

Ty is an accomplished entrepreneur who took his own personal Amazon Kindle ebook publishing accounts from zero! He's been featured on Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Huffington Post, and many more publications.

Kevin Anson

Video Ad Bootcamp

Kevin video marketing expert who teaches people how to profit wildly though organic and paid videos due to predictable results.  He's worked with clients like Brendon Burchard, Inc. Magazine, Costco, and more.

Rudy Mawer

How To Use Sales Funnels To Go From Zero to Success

Rudy is an Elite Sports Nutritionist & Trainer working with Hollywood Celebrities, Elite Athletes, NBA players, WWE, Gold Medalists, World Record Holders, Models, Bikini / Fitness Competitors and Pro Bodybuilders.

Nathan Hirsch

Build Your Online Business through Outsourcing

He co-founded a company in 2015 with an initial $5k investment, scaled it to $12M per year in revenue.
He's one of the World's Foremost Experts on How to Outsource & Build a Team to do the Work for you.

Mr. X

Ryan Stewman

How To Use Mobile Websites to Grow and or Start a Business

Ryan has contribute to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate and Huffington Post. His story of fighting back for a dark place is inspirational inself.

Ms. Y

Mary Glorfield

How to Create Your Own Live Or Virtual Event

Mary was Executive Vice President of Tony Robbins company and 5 years as the Conference Director of T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials. She has a wealth of knowledge on how to become a top speaker

Derral Eves

How to Use Youtube In Your Marketing To Become Million Dollar Seller

Derral Eves is best known as a YouTube Star. Marketing consultant and YouTube Edutainer known for his self-titled channel where he has accumulated more than 550,000 subscribers.

Brad Lea

How to Close Sales

Brad Lea is a leading authority on web-based training. Experienced and proven in sales and marketing, he is a seasoned professional with a strong base of sales management.
** Speakers Subject to Change
The Masters As Seen On

I Want to GIVE You FREE Access to the Entire Home-Based Business Summit

So You Can Learn Their Systems in Each of Their MASTERCLASSES that Helped Them Go from Beginner to Expert! 

You might be wondering why... 

So... What’s The Catch!?!

There is NONE!

We believe in giving back.

While most “gurus” are selling information on how to  Be "Successful",

Our Masters Team are IN the Businesses DOING.
What they will Show You IN each of their MASTERCLASS Sessions, I KNOW will Touch Yours & Many Other Peoples’ Lives too. (that’s Priceless)

You See, they & myself all have great lives & we’re Blessed to Be Able to do what we love to do…

Now it’s time we Helped You too!

There’s No Price on that feeling that we get when we see Peoples’ Lives changed!

We ALL have many things in common,
But ONE thing Stands out above the Other Traits..

We ALL Love Helping Others!

We know when we Help you not Only will you tell your family & friends, but You may Even end up doing Business with One, some or all of Us One Day.

What Goes Around…Comes Around

Does that make sense?

So, What Does this mean to YOU?

My “MASTER” Friends Are giving their Time so that I’m Able To
An Entire Online Summit, That We Could Easily
SELL For $1,000-$2,000...

Good Luck getting that from the “guru’s” : )

Instead those “Gurus” would rather SHOW YOU what to do instead of HOW TO…
then they would Sell You their Book or courses for Thousands of Dollars.

Our MASTERS Team are “Superheroes”…
They all Have Different Talents & You’ll be Able to see them All.…
These Men & Women are Good at what they do…REAL GOOD!

The Best of The Best in The world!

Not Only are we going to SHOW you How,
We’re Going to show the Steps that You can Do Yourself…

Actually, I Guess there IS a Catch Afterall…

Can You Make me a Promise?...


(What do You Need to do Now?)

Register To Get Access to

The Home-Based
Business Summit

What do YOU have to do at the Time of the Home-Based Business Summit?
BLOCK OUT YOUR TIME so that You Can watch & Take Some Good Notes

Take it Seriously! Dive into their Systems…

Tell some other friends, share this with them after You Register…

And then You’re on Your Way to Changing Your Life…
And Fast since You’ll have The Systems that They’ve Used!

Why would I only Give you 3 days Of Access?
… to make sure you TAKE ACTION from the gift that my Master Friends
And I have given YOU… Our Time.

What do YOU think about this…?

Here Is A Small Sample Of What You’ll Get On The Home-Based Summit

  • You’ll Learn how Get in the Biggest Trend in the WORLD right now… Ecommerce! (How to Sell Physical Products on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, BestBuy, Your Own Website & More…with No Experience, No Inventory, No Special Skills & Little or No Connections 
  • You’ll Learn How to sell “Digital Information Products”. Create it one time & get Paid Over & Over Daily (Continuity) 
  • You’ll learn How to Have your Book Written in a Day & have it Published to hit National Best-Seller Status
  • How to get Local Businesses to GIVE you a Piece of their Businesses for doing this one Small thing for them
  • How Do Millionaires think?
    The 3 Top Strategies that they do When stressed
  • How to Make Marketing Videos like the Pros with Your Phone & Free Software to market Anything!
  • How to Create Your Own “Membership” Site & have People Pay you Each Month for You doing What You Love 
  • How to Create Your Very Own Online Summit just Like this & Attract the Top Speakers even though you don’t know Anyone
  • You’ll peek “behind the scenes” of a 7 Figure “Sales Funnel” that Runs on Auto-Pilot without Any Additional Work
  • Learn How to get Thousands of Followers on Instagram in Days without any Special Skills
  • How to Start a Facebook Group, Get Your Members to Help you grow it for free without You Managing it
  • Watch over the Shoulder of the #1 Youtube Coach in the World (coach to Multi-Millionaire Youtubers) Show you how to Grow your own YouTube Channel 
  • How to Make Business Deals like a “Shark”...even if you're just starting out.
  • Learn What is Email Marketing & have people beg you to take their emails
  • ​Outsourcing! How to build your virtual team to help you do the things you’re not good at. 
  • What Equipment to use to do an Online Livestream
  • How to Start Your Own Consulting or Coaching Business with what you Are an Expert at & have people pay you to “Pick your Brain” 
  • How to Eliminate Stress during Hard Times with a few Easy Quick Techniques that are Like Mini Naps to Energize & get you back on track!
  • How to “Speed Learn” Anything with a few Easy “Tips”
  • How to be a “Deal Maker” just by Introducing People & make a full time Living from it
  • How to Have your own Podcast or get on Podcasts for FREE Marketing to get the word out about your Product or Service
  • What is the Best FREE software out there to help you with this Online Business? (Our recommendations)

...And That's Just a Tiny Bit
 From Some of Our Experts!

So that’s it!  

No Hard Sell, No Slick Pitch…

You Need to Promise to do these Things:

• Register
• Show up
• Take Good Notes
• Share this with Some Friends
• Use their systems & TAKE ACTION in Your Life

And Finally….

Promise to do the Same & Help Others
When YOU Make it to the Top
with these Systems

I Remember What Wayne Gretzky, The Best Pro Hockey Player in History,  told me when I worked out with him at his gym in LA… 

“You Miss 100% of the Shots that You don’t Take”

Take The Shot!

You’ll Be Glad You Did 

Thanks so much. See you on the inside!

 Me & Tony  Robbins Today

Lawrence Loik 

P.S. - If you’re a skim Reader Like Me… here it is. 

When you register (for FREE), you’ll get access to the Entire Home-Based Summit for FREE and ALL of the Experts MASTERCLASSES.  

These MASTERS are going to show you what they’d do if they were beginners & wanted to turn their life around ASAP. When you do register, I’m also going to do have some Surprise Gifts for you When You Show Up.

Would that be OK? :)

Click The Button & Register now:

WARNING! There are No Get $$ Schemes. You have to Apply work, time & the Knowledge you Aquire. Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.
There is no "Business Opportunities". All the Masters will Educate on various Ways for YOU to Start or Scale Your OWN Online Home-Based Business. There are No Financial Claims Whatsover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Q: Will the Speakers be actually teaching on the Summit?

- Q: Will the Speakers be actually teaching on the Summit?

A: Yes, Every single speaker will

+ Q: Do I need any Special Software to Watch?

- Q: Do I need any Special Software to Watch?

A: No, Just a Computer & Internet Connection  

+ Q: Will I be able to ask questions during the Sessions?

- Q: Will I be able to ask questions during the Sessions?

A: Yes, We will attempt to answer as Many questions as possible.

+ Q: What’s the Speaker Order?

- Q: What’s the Speaker Order?

A: We work on that up to the last minute to fit as much content as Possible.
Show up for all sessions, you’ll be blown away by the information nuggets.

+ Q: Can I watch it with my family or friends?

- Q: Can I watch it with my family or friends?

A: Sure, but even better…send them to 
And let them RSVP for themselves. 

+ Q: What Topics will you cover?

- Q: What Topics will you cover?

A: We have the world’s top Experts with a vast array of topics.

+ Q: Will there be daily breaks?

- Q: Will there be daily breaks?

A: Yes between each speaker, a short Break and a Longer Lunch Session

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